Rippingale Village Hall is a charitable institution run as a non-profit organisation by a voluntary management committee.  ​​
We have representatives of local groups who are able to feedback information direct to the committee in order that we can serve these groups and our community asset better.

Committee members
Wendy Gray (Chair)
Barry Flatters (Vice Chair)
Colin Gray
Dawn Holden
​Sammy Holden
Mick Toms

Group representatives
Carol Jepson - WI

If you are interested in becoming a committee member and contributing
to our village asset please contact the Chair.

Members of the public are welcome to attend committee meetings and published minutes are available to view here:  

Rippingale Village Hall 200 Club
The Committee runs a monthly 200 club. 

The cost per number is £13 per year and numbers are called at committee meetings.
The Village hall 200 club  runs between 1st April to 31st March each year
- new members can join half yearly i.e. October to March
April/May/June/July/August there are 7 prizes - £20 x 1 / £10 x 2 / £5 x 4
September Big Draw 5 prizes - £200 x 1 / £50 x 4
October/November/December/January/February 7 prizes - £20 x 1 / £10 x 2 / £5 x 4
March Big Draw 5 prizes - £200 x 1 / £50 x 4

Winners are listed in the Village Newsletter and in the minutes.
Please contact the Chair for further information

Current Focus
Many changes and improvements have been made over the years in order to keep the hall in good shape, adhere to safety regulations and add important features of benefit such as disabled access, defribulator and baby change facilities.

Flooring announcement:
Rippingale Village Hall Committee are delighted to announce that the village hall floor has been renovated! 
Damaged areas have been repaired, the whole hall sanded and treated with a hard wearing polyurethane lacquer! It means that old dusty rough floor has been transformed. No risk of splinters and grubby knees for toddlers. Easier to keep clean. It ensures many more years before full floor replacement is needed., looks fab and gives the hall a dose of love it's needed for some time. 

Current key focus points for the committee -
The Roof
After further investigation we have been advised that the part of the roof that was feared in need of repair is ok for the time being.